Lotus Forest and Songlong Waterfall are one of the top hidden spots in Jushan Town in Nantou, Taiwan. Due to the difficulties of transportation, they are rarely known by foreigners or tourists.

【The Lotus Forest】

Withered trees, Lotus Forest - The Natural Wonderland in Nantou, Taiwan | Copyright by Trvalleben
Withered trees, Lotus Forest

The day started early. We drove a car from Taichung City to Lotus Forest then to Sun Link Sea. It took around 2-3 hours. When we firstly arrived at Lotus Forest, we parked the car at the tea shops at the entrance. Because of the 40 degrees steep upward slope, it is hard for normal cars to climb up.  You could either pay some money (100~200 NTD per person/ 2-ways) to take the car they provide or walk up by yourself (free of charge/ 15~30 minutes by foot).

On the way up, you will see orderly planted tea plants over the slope. After arriving at the top, follow the crowd and take another 10~15 minutes walk to the Forest.

Be prepared for the local crowds. Keep walking even if there are already lots of people who stop by and take photos. You will find a better view if you walk further!

Travelleben Tip:

Wear a good pair of shoes to prevent from the slippery mud!

Walking path, Songlong Waterfall, Nantou - - The Natural Wonderland in Nantou, Taiwan | Copyright by Trvalleben
Walking path, Songlong Waterfall, Nantou

After the short visit to Lotus Forest, we drove to Sun Link Sea Recreation Area which is merely 5 minutes away.

Following the well-paved wooden stairs, we walked into a half-open cave where you could see the whole green trees and leaves all over the view with a waterfall coming down from a higher level, splashing the freshwater on you. The sunshine makes the reflection on the lake even more obvious. It is just like a wonderland. Other than Songlong Waterfall, there are also many paths leading you to various spots. Staying for one day is not enough for this incredible resort!

Travelleben Tip:

Once you reach the tourist centre of Sun Link Sea Forest, you can park the car and take the area shuttle bus to Songlong Waterfall.

Panorama view of the Waterfall from inside the cave walking path at the Natural Wonderland in Nantou. Copyright by Travelleben
Panorama view of the Waterfall from inside the cave walking path at the Natural Wonderland in Nantou

【Xitou】->【Lotus Forest】-> 【Sun Link Sea- Songlong Waterfall】

Transportation: Driving car from Taichung or riding motorbike from Nantou are the easiest ways to get there. When you arrive at Jushan Town in Nantou, take the main road with the direction to 鹿谷(Lugu) first then follow the way, 溪頭(Xitou). After passing by 內湖國小 (Neihu Primary School), you will see couple of narrow roads on the left side leading to other destinations including Xitou and the Lotus Forest. Keep going along the main road then you will find Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area in the end.

No car or motorbike? Public transportation.

  1. Take the local bus from Taichung train station (Opposite the station) or Nantou train station ( next to Changhua Bus) to 衫林溪 (Sun Link Sea or Shanlinxi)
  2. Take 彰化客運 (Changhua bus) from Nantou to the destination 衫林溪 (Sun Link Sea or Shanlinxi)

Address for your trip to Nantou:

– Songlong Rock Waterfall (松瀧岩瀑布 – Mandarin version):

557, Nantou County, Zhushan Township (Mandarin:  557南投縣竹山鎮)

Simply copy paste this address and insert into your GPS or Google Maps.

Please Note: Since the recreation area sits in the high altitude mountain, it is strongly recommended to go there earlier. Otherwise, it would start getting foggy and dark.

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