Changhua is located in the middle-western Taiwan. One of the most well-known landmarks is a 26 meter-high Buddha sculpture standing on the 70 meters high mountain in Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape. (八卦山“Baguashan” in Chinese) . The area is 2 kilometers away from Changhua city centre where you can easily reach by car, motorbike or public transportation. A spacious parking lot is available for cars in the region as well.

Must see Taiwan Destination: LEight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape. All rights reserved by Travelleben. Copyright by (Photo by
Baguashan Buddha Sculpture

Around the Baguashan Buddha Sculpture, there is a beautiful 天空步道 “Skywalk” guiding you through the area. Furthermore, the 九龍池觀景台“Nine Dragons Pond Viewpoint” leads you to a wonderful 270 degree view over the city. It is a perfect ideal for an afternoon walk through the cultural temples and beautiful gardens.

The uniqueness of that Buddha statue is that you can walk inside (The yellow bottom of its seat in the picture below). Once you walk inside, you will feel a dignified atmosphere surrounded by a small religious exhibition. It is a place for sincere Buddhist to pray.

NOTE: Taking pictures, videos, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited inside. Please pay attention to the entry rules posted on the entrance wall and respect the local culture.

There are some venders selling local street food in this scenic area.
You will be impressed by local Taiwanese life and their kindness.
Secret tip: If you are eager to see more about Taiwanese religious culture, Nantien Temple南天宮)is your best choice. Walking downward a narrow slope beside the tourist centre, you will find a four-floors old temple featuring an interactive creep museum. The theme, “Diyu“, also known as ” Eighteen layers of Chinese Hall“, indicates the after-death-life punishment for sinners.  It not only combines the advanced interactive technology to the religion, but also demonstrates the faith of Taiwanese. We only recommend those who are bald enough to walk into a long-endless dark hall and not afraid of the screening sound and pop-up monsters!
Fees: The entry fee is only $1-2 USD, definitely a worth visiting temple for an exciting experience.


  • GPS Location: Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape
  • Landmarks: Skywalk, Big Buddha Statue, Nantien Temple
  • Length of Staying (recommended): 1-2 hours
  • Transportation:
    • Train to southern city 彰化”Changhua station” ->  taxi (2 km)
    • Train to southern city 彰化 “Changhua station” -> “Changhua” bus (Bus direction: Lugan) which is across from the station to “Changhua County Library station” -> walk for few minutes.


Q: How many Buddhas have you seen in Asian trip so far?