North coastline is a must visiting area if you’ve ever come to Taiwan. At around 80km of the northern coastline, there stands a renown landmark “Nanya Formations“.


1.Nanya Rock Formation? What can I explore?

No matter in what ways you are traveling along the north coastline: bicycle, motorbike, car or local bus, you will get stuck in here because of its distinct and attracting appearance:

with endless diverse shapes of rock formation stretching over the coastline, the natural sound of wave hitting on it,  going through the gaps of lines on every size of rock, beautifully crafted every of them into different shapes.


The supernatural fine craft rock formations contribute to the erosion of the sea water and the north eastern wind which are the main creative artists of this region.


Under this geographic advantages, the area gradually become one of the most popular attractions for local tourists yet rarely known by western tourists.



Therefore, we decided to put this amazing spot in the pocket list for tourists who want to explore the beauty of this island out of city life

while enjoying the relaxing and vacation-feeling atmosphere with convenient public transportation.


Walking along the coastline after arriving at the closest bus stop, you will be immersed in a tropical-like short trail.

Further, you will find the landmark- Nanya Peculiar Rock in the right-side front.

Even though the weather on that day was terrible, we were still amazed by the view in front of us.


Secret Tips: The area is very windy and the weather is changeable, so it is recommended to bring a rain coat and wind-proof jacket.


2. HOW TO GET THERE?  Download our Travel card for free

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