3,422m high Hehuan North Peak



The next morning, we took local free breakfast in the hotel. It was like a buffet serving hot drinks, toast, jam, hot plain congee, vegetables and some side dishes.

Parking lot

We drove around 1 hour to the parking lot closing to the entrance of North Peak path.

DAY 2: Our Journay – North Peak at Hehuanshan

The total length of the trail to the peak is 2 kilometers which takes around 1.5 hour one way. Compared to the East Peak, North Peak trail is much more dangerous and tougher.  In the beginning of the hike, the path is so narrow that only one person can pass through. On your left side, there will be bunches of threes and plants, while the right side is the height above numerous mountains and you can see how small the parking lot is!

Enjoy the amazing view! BUT, be aware not to fall down because there is no handrail!

After crossing the jungle-like bushes, it is the most difficult part of the whole journey- you will be facing steep and unstable wide unindicated route covering with small clod.

Take a deep breath and go for it! You will be rewarded the nicest view!

After reaching to a certain point, here came a wide comfortable moor with flat and well-paved trail. Keep walking along the path then you will find a stone standing on highest point of North Peak.

Must see Taiwan: Taiwan Hiking Expedition The Tough trail-Hehuanshan High Hehuan North Peak Top view of North Peak. All rights reserved by Travelleben. Copyright by www.travelleben.com (Photo: www.cedricpaquet.comt)
Top view of North Peak

NOTE: The weather is changeable and it rains unpredictably, so it is recommended to pay attention to the weather in case of danger.


How to get to the North Peak Trail at Hehuanshan? Here a map.



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