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What is Travelleben?

Are you thinking of... taking a self-traveling adventure? going somewhere but have no clue where? having low-budget trips for the next vacation? In this blog, you will find various breathtaking natural sceneries, unexpected local lifestyles in diverse countries, must-go bars and clubs and even some hidden spots in the popular destinations over Asia and Europe!   Hey my name is Tina, I am a Taiwanese.                                      Hey my name is Cedric, I am a Belgian. I have heard lots of...
Strokkur Geysir (Sudurland, Iceland): 2.  Kerio(Sudurland, Iceland): 3.  Skogafoss(Sudurland, Iceland): 4.  Vik (Sudurland, Iceland): 5.  Jogulsarlon - Skaftafell National Park (Sudurland, Iceland): 6.  Djupivogur(Austurland, Iceland): 7. Berufjördur(Austurland, Iceland): 8. Norðurland eystra wilderness (Austurland, Iceland):   9. Myvatn(Nordurland, Iceland): 8.  Godafoss (Nordurland, Iceland):