Are you thinking of…

taking a self-traveling adventure?

going somewhere but have no clue where?

having low-budget trips for the next vacation?

In this blog, you will find various breathtaking natural sceneriesunexpected local lifestyles in diverse countriesmust-go bars and clubs and even some hidden spots in the popular destinations over Asia and Europe!


Hey my name is Tina, I am a Taiwanese.                                      Hey my name is Cedric, I am a Belgian.

I have heard lots of travelling experience from diverse background backpackers. All the places they recommended and described were beyond my imagination. Hence, I decided to use the cheapest way to visit those amazing places with my friends.

We have never thought we would …

walk into a world heritage area with a group of Japanese friends in the darkness,
sit in a Korean man’s car who drove crazily on the high speed road,
swim on the top of a secret natural pool after 30 minutes hiking,
drink Lao-vodka and eat Lao style barbecue in an outdoor vender with local tour guides

We could not even imagine any of the life in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia until we visited there. That is exactly why we began doing these adventures and writing this blog.

If you have the passion for travelling but have totally no idea where to go or

you need some recommendation for the next journey, read【Travelleben】and get inspired!

Further more, we will take you to Europe (Netherland, Belgium, Germany) and share different perspectives from an Asian girl!

We hope to bring you the excitement of self-travelling and encourage you to do the same as we do!

Do not hesitate,

check out our website first and book your flight right away!


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