The 2 days trip in Hehuan Mountain began with a group of “hikingholic” trying to conquer 『100 Peaks of Taiwan』, so called „百岳 Baiyue“ in Mandarin.

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Must see Taiwan Destination: Star view at Wuling, Hehuan Mountain . All rights reserved by Travelleben. Copyright by (Photo by
Star view at Wuling, Hehuan Mt.

How did “Baiyue” this word come from? In Taiwan, there are more than 250 mountains higher than 3000 meters. “Baiyue” is defined by local hiking exports who list the top 100 mountains over than 3000 meters high for passionate people to take challenges.

Four main peaks in Hehuan Mountain: East, main Peak (Mt. Hehuan), North and West Peak. This time, we challenged the first 3 of them as it takes around 9 hours to conquer the West Peak. East and West Peaks are connected, so hikers need to pass by the East Peak first in order to reach the other one.

Luckily, we joined our friends that have strong will to achieve the summits of Taiwan. Driving up to 3000 meters high from Taichung, passing Cinjing grassland, we arrived at the entrance of Eastern Peak after 2 hours, next to the Hehuan Tourist Information Centre. The way there was neither rocky nor jumpy. It was relatively well maintained but twisted over various mountains. When we got there, most of us had car sick already but we continued reaching the first peak without too much break.

Though the trail is well paved with wooden stairs up to the top, the scarce of air made it difficult. Gladly, we brought 4 bottles of fresh air in case of altitude sickness.

After 1 hour slow hiking, we made it to the top, seeing the whole view of moors surrounded by vast and stretched mountains. Sunshine came out in the mists from time to time, making the views more majestic. We lied on the grass, enjoying the first achievement we made.

Lying on the moor of East Peak, Hehuan Mt.
Lying on the moor of East Peak, Hehuan Mt.

Two of us tried to relieve from the quick change of high altitude so we lied on the moor and chilled for some time, while the others headed on to the other target- Main Peak, before sunset.

It was 6 pm. We two drove downward to Wuling, 10 minutes away by car, to meet up with the rest of the team. There were barely street lamps. We drove carefully to the parking lot at Wuling viewpoint in the complete darkness. There were quite a lot of cars and people at the viewpoint. Without the city or street light, we could see the whole sky clearly- that we were surrounded by magnificent stars. Millions of the star were shining in the whole black sky in eternity.

the sky was truly amazing that took our breath away.

We stayed there for 1.5 hours but it felt so short like 10 minutes only. We were immersing ourselves in this spectacular star view so much that we forgot the time and hunger. We noticed that it was too late and we had to go to the restaurant area as soon as possible before it was closed. It was another 30 minutes drive to the restaurant area.

We stayed overnight in 比佛利山莊 Beverly Holiday Centre in a 8 people room, two-floor wooden house. It was warm, spacious and cozy with a balcony which enables you to see sunrise in the morning. It was also equipped with disposal toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body gel and towel.

After a long and incredible day, we slept early to get prepared for a more difficult challenge the next day- Northern Peak.


Things to bring with

  • OUTDOOR GARMENT: thick clothes/ hat/ gloves/ sports suit (pants, jacket) / neck warmer/ hiking shoes/ raincoat/ sunglasses/ hiking stick (depending on individual)
  • NECESSITIES: O2 bottles if needed/ adequet food (biscuit, bread, energy bars, chocolate)/ sufficient bottles of water/ overnight toiletries (depending on accommodation)

Best Timing

Hiking is recommended to be done before 5 pm.


The best way to Hehuan Mt. is self driving by car. However, due to the twisted long-narrow road way, the driver should be experienced in mountain driving.

On GPS, set the distination “Hehuan Tourist Information Center” for the entrance of Eastern Peak hiking trail or 武嶺 „Wuling“ for Mt.Hehuan trail and stargazing.

Secret Tip: Want to sleep under the night stars and see the sunrise without worrying about time?

The only two accommodations owned by government on the highest part of Hehuan Mt. are only available for early birds! Make sure that you book the room one month in advance otherwise they will be sold out fast!


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