Xiao Liuqiu 【小琉球】a small island located on the south-west of Taiwan, makes your summer vacation more lively.

The island features various eco-systems, natural sea creatures as well as water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, low-tide exploration… and so on. If you’ve travelled through Taiwan, you will feel that this island is just like the scaled-down version of Taiwan- the flat and paved road up and down wards all over this island, residence house styles, various Taiwanese street venders and the friendly way of locals hosting the visitors. The most important thing that would definitely attract you to spend your vacation here is the easy access to beaches along the coastline within less than 30 minutes by scooter. You would see sunset and sunrise with the view of layers of colors of glittering blue sea views as well as swimming green turtles eating sea grass beneath the corals you’re sitting on.


Why Xiao Liuchiu?

If you are searching a place for a short trip and don’t want to fly faraway to other tropical countries to enjoy sunshine and beaches, come to Xioa Liuchiou for a 2-3 day-trip.

We had limited time and tight budget for our vacation this time, but want to chillax at the beach in an island with easy access by public transportation. Xiao Liuchiu became our first choice.



Top 5 spots to go

#1 Flower Vase Rock

#2 Lobster Cave

#3 Dafu Pavilion

#4 Geban Bay

#5 Shanfu Ecological Corridor

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Tips when you arrive at Xiaoliuqiu

Visit Tourist Centre for…

  • Island guide video in English and Mandarine: If you want to have a quick knowledge of the island, why not watch the 10 minutes Xiao Liuchiou video at Tourist Center? The video will provide you everything you should know for this island in both English and Mandarin in an air-conditioned comfortable cinema-like room! Check out the playing time of the day~


  • Local maps for the entire island giving you thorough and detailed information including island map, introduction of attraction and colorful pictures of the spots- of course with English and Mandarin versions.


  • Special harbour view from the tourist center: After getting the information you need, don’t walk away! Go outside towards the toilet direction. You’ll find the stunning view of the Baisha Harbor- under shadow!



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