Autumn at it’s best…

Surrounded by stretching mountains, reflected by greyish blue lakes with slight-gentle ripples, adding some smells of autumn colouring leaves, there features the most symbolic icon of Japan- Fuji mountain.

We went there around end of November, the time when peak season of Jingle tress and maple threes are almost fallen off and withered on the soil.

The day…

The journey from the NRT Airport to Kawaguchiko

After arriving at Narita airport (Tokyo), we follow the sign at the airport to the nearby bus stop and take bus straightly to Kawaguchiko station(河口湖駅)

NOTE: Please print down your pre-booked bus ticket which shows the bus stop location. You may consult the Information Centre at the arrival hall of airport with the printed ticket.

Bus was pre-booked through Japan Bus Online

Arrival & preparation in Kawaguchiko

After 2 hours we finally arrived at Kawaguchiko

Walking from the Kawaguchiko station to the hostel is 15mins only (750m).

Tonight, we settle at Kagelow Mt Fuji Hostel Kawaguchiko 

The time when we arrive at hostel is around 15:00. We simply took a nap and walk around the neighbour hoods as well as grabbing some snacks and fast food for the next day biking tour.

Since the reception is not open for 24hr, we asked the receptionist to rent the bike for the next day early morning (5am).

Price for bike rental is very reasonable, with $500 Yen/bike whole day.

Kind receptionist helped us get the bikes prepared ahead so we can use it the next day morning right away.


Let’s catch the Sunrise at the Kawaguchiko Lake

While it is still in darkness, we dressed up with warm clothes and hat, equipped with cameras, food and gloves, starting our biking tour.

I am not a novelist. I cannot describe how touched I am when seeing the top of Fuji Mt. breaks out of the clouds with the dim light gradually comes out of the sky.

That was the moment we suddenly got fuelled up, mentally, and so we rode fiercely towards the lake direction to catch up the sunrise.

Biking from Hostel to the “view point”, crossing the bridge is around 3.1km~4km one way. If you’ve got time, we highly recommend to bike a round tour back to the Hostel.

Crossing the bridge, we can get a better view of the mountain and houses around.

The air is cold and fresh. The street quite and clean, barely no cars or others as if we were in our imagined wonder world.

When the sun comes out from the east-side, the orange light slowly hits over the side of  white snow on Mt.Fuji peak and reflects on the gloomy-blue lakes, forming a concordance colour of an art work, peacefully, and gracefully.

The quiet remains and the wind blows smoothly.

Standing by the lake, we feel nothing but peace and satisfactory.

While the sun goes from east-side to 45 degree angles, it creates a different scene of highlight with the help of pieces of saturated-red maple trees.

Slices of sunshines glimpse through gaps of maple leaves, shining like virtual diamonds.

Today, the sky is very clear. We are only here for one day, and very lucky to see the real-full Fuji Mt. for more than one sight. By capturing the view and breath-taking moments, we hope you will be the lucky ones to witness this wonderful artwork – Fuji-san.

Biking around Kawaguchiko

Enjoy the rest of the day just exploring the places around Kawaguchiko


Booking for…

Bus ticket

Bus from NRT airport to Kawaguchiko (link me here)


Overnight stay at Kagelow hostel

Price: $83 USD/night for double bed room with shared toilet.