The 2 days trip in Hehuan Mountain began with a group of “hikingholic” trying to conquer 『100 Peaks of Taiwan』, so called "百岳 Baiyue" in Mandarin. Fancy going there? Roll down to the bottom of this article to see the detail information. How did “Baiyue” this word come from? In Taiwan, there are more than 250 mountains higher than 3000 meters. “Baiyue” is...
Changhua is located in the middle-western Taiwan. One of the most well-known landmarks is a 26 meter-high Buddha sculpture standing on the 70 meters high mountain in Eight Trigram Mountains Buddha Landscape. (八卦山"Baguashan" in Chinese) . The area is 2 kilometers away from Changhua city centre where you can easily reach by car, motorbike or public transportation. A spacious parking lot is available for cars in the region as well. Around...
Tea Plants, Lotus Forest
Lotus Forest and Songlong Waterfall are one of the top hidden spots in Jushan Town in Nantou, Taiwan. Due to the difficulties of transportation, they are rarely known by foreigners or tourists. 【Lotus Forest】 The day started early. We drove a car from Taichung City to Lotus Forest then to Sun Link Sea. It took around 2-3 hours. When we firstly arrived at...

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