Xiao Liuqiu ( 小琉球 ) | Taiwan by Travelleben


Xiao Liuqiu【小琉球】or Little Liuchiu a small island located on the south-west of Taiwan, makes your summer vacation more lively. Enjoy! Wanna know more full article now on http://www.travelleben.com ! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT Your comment is very valuable to us. If you find this article useful or have any opinion, please share, subscribe, click “LIKE“ or kindly let us know through ° Follow Travelleben https://www.facebook.com/travelleben https://www.instagram.com/travelleben https://www.travelleben.com so we could provide a better platform with complete information for you. Music credits and all rights by Silence: • Follow Silience Facebook – http://facebook.com/momentofsilience Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/momentofsilience